Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crayon rolls

These are very easy to make. I made 7 in no time at all. I used the tutorial here. I changed some things slightly. I didn't use stabilizer. I used solid color PUL backwards hoping it would keep the crayons from sliding out and getting lost. Some of them I used print PUL. 2 of these I made with wider slots, making it longer overall. That allowed the chunky Pip Squeaks and fat crayons to fit better. 3 of these have elastic cord with a button instead of a tie. My son prefers those since he can close it by himself.
Only 5 are pictured here.

Teal one is print PUL, with solid magenta PUL inside.
Flower one is cotton woven with play pink PUL inside.
Blue sports is a print PUL with blaze orange PUL inside.
Basketball is a print PUL with royal blue PUL inside. This one has wider slots and is a bit longer. It closes with elastic cord over a big button.

Cotton woven with celery PUL inside. Closes with elastic cord and a button.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chalk cloth place mats

These were fun to make, and the kids love to use them. I had no idea how to do a mitered corner back when I made these, so that's why the corners are odd.

I used a piece of chalk cloth about the size of a place mat. Then I cut some woven fabric for the backing, binding, and wrap around part. I put iron on stabilizer on the woven fabric. The black 1/4" elastic is for holding 4 pieces of chalk. The closure wraps around a loosely rolled place mat and keeps it closed with hook and loop. They are great for keeping the kids entertained before dinner comes at a restaurant, or they like to use them at home or Grandma's house since they are so portable.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lens cap strap

I always forget which pocket I put my lens cap in, and sometimes I don't have pockets. My dad bought a generic tether for his lens cap, so I thought why can't I make one myself? Here's one that I made. It has Velcro to attach it to the lens cap so it is easy to switch for a different strap. Convenient, since I also made some camera strap covers, now I can have matching straps :)

This was very simple to make. I measured around the lens with my elastic and made it tight enough it wouldn't slip off, yet not too tight that it was a pain to get on. Then I cut my fabric and made a tube for the elastic to go through. I used white cording to attach the two pieces. The owl is a square of fabric, with the edges folded under and sewn onto a square of touch tape hook. The loop part is sticky to attach to the lens cap.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am going to do a few posts about crafty stuff I've made. I get bored easily and crafts keep me entertained :)

I decided to try and make magnets. They are very addicting. LOL Lots of fun though :)

This is a selection of some that I've made recently. Some of these are made with scrapbook paper, some with graphics. The cutest graphics are from Cupcake Cutiees. These are very simple to make and you can find many tutorials for them online. DH says I've made too many and I need to start listing some sets.